This Killingsworth Street Surf Shop is Also One of the Best Casual Beer Hangs in Town

“Since opening this past January as a resource for Portland's budding surf culture, it's turned into an honest-to-god neighborhood hang with good vibes and 10 taps of damn good beer.”

Willamette Week


From Sipping Sake to Swilling with Surfers, a Portland Bar for Every Occasion

“Part bar, part surf shop (selling boards, books, and more), the year-and-a-half-old Up North has a versatile living-room area that can suddenly turn into a live-music setup or a comedy stage. If there’s not an event happening, expect the promised “chill vibes,” CBD sodas, primo pints from the likes of 54’40” and Pfriem, and surf videos on the bar TV—assuming there’s not a Blazers or Timbers game on, or the occasional screening of Swayze surf classic Point Break.”


Retail Wednesdays: Up North Surf Club on Uniting Surf and Beer Culture in the Pacific Northwest

“We checked in with Martin Schoeneborn and Karen Randall, co-owners of Up North Surf Club in Portland, Oregon, to hear what it’s like being a surf company in the Pacific Northwest.

The shop is gearing up to celebrate its one-year anniversary on January 26, with a big bash, and we caught up with them just in time to hear what business has been like over the past 12 months.”



Through the Drinking Glass: The Portland Mercury’s Bar Issue

“Either in spite of that identity or because of it, though, Up North has outgrown the novelty of being merely a surf shop bar. It is a quintessential neighborhood bar. A damn fine one, too.”

portland mercury


While Up North is Technically a Surf Shop, It’s Also a Neighborhood Beer Bar. And a Great One at That.

"I felt like beer was a really great way to create community," says Schoenborn. "I didn't really like the experience of going into a surf shop and wandering around, just looking. Whereas here you can hang out, drink a beer, and if you want to buy something, that's cool."

Willamette Week

Portland Will Have Two Combination Surf Shops and Bars This Year

“Morris' observations may be backed up by the fact that by next spring, two more surf shops will open in North and Northeast Portland. Up North Surf Club is set to open on Northeast Killingsworth in late September with a beer-and-wine bar of its own—and the same Kinfolk-on-a-white-sand-beach aesthetic for their website.”

Willamette Week